Scarecrows on the Branford Green
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Thursday, November 12, 2015
JBS visits the scarecrows on the Green

Margaret-Mary Gethings, the new Principal of Sliney School is also new to the beauty and culture of Branford and the benefits of  working in Branford. On a recent drive to work, she claimed “I almost caused an accident when I saw the adorable scarecrows on the town green and instantly thought ‘my students need to enjoy this display!’”  Upon her return to Sliney, she invited the teachers to walk their students over to the green to look at the scarecrows and use the ideas gathered on their walk for writing, math, or reading activities.

Last week, many of the teachers took advantage of the invitation and the beautiful weather and walked with their classes to the green to see the beautiful display of scarcrows sponsored by the Branford Garden Club. The reaction? Sheer delight!

The students were enchanted as they walked around the green and took in the funny, scary, and fairytale sights! The Pre-K and Kindergarten teachers provided a fun scavenger hunt for the students to complete. They used their “eagle eyes” to spot different items on and around the scarecrows! Upon their return, they spent the following morning rotating through each of their classrooms completing writing, math, reading, and art activities.

The fourth graders wrote opinion pieces about the scarecrows and which were their favorites and why. They sited evidence from their experience to make their piece stronger.

Quotes you may want to use for the article:

“When Mrs. Gethings shared with us her idea to have the students walk to the green to see the scarecrows, we were thrilled! We saw it as an opportunity to weave ideas inspired from the walk into math, reading, and writing activities. Our wheels started turning and so many activities ensued! Branford is a beautiful town with so much to offer our children. We feel lucky at Sliney to have easy access to the green and to be able to enjoy these events provided by the community!” Cathy Miller, Literacy Coach

“This was one of the best activities we’ve done at Sliney School! The students had a blast and lots of instruction flowed from the experience.”  Kindergarten Teachers

 " Affording our students an opportunity to walk to the green to explore the creative and unique scarecrows seemed like a quintessential idea! It blended a wealth of academic activities with a ton of fun and laughter! It was a delightful  to see our students,teachers and parents enjoying their town green while learning." Margaret Mary Gethings

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